Invited talk: Who is possible online?

13:00 Tuesday 28 September (Zoom)

How do players construct their identities in multiplayer games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

13:00 Tuesday 28 September (Zoom)

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What tools for identity construction are available in the multiplayer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? How do the Finnish young men participating in the study (co)construct identities utilizing these tools? As they are also students taking part in an Esports programme, how is the in-game experience and educational context connected? These questions are central in Matilda’s research and will be discussed in relation to community, diversity and visuality, highlighting implications for possible online identities as well as implications future game-related research endeavors.

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About the speaker

Matilda Ståhl (MEd, certified primary teacher) is a doctoral candidate in Educational sciences at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Matilda’s presentation is based her doctoral thesis which she hopes to defend later this autumn.

Matilda Ståhl – Åbo Akademi University, Finland

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